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Home Remodeling Tips

Home remodeling can be both an extremely fun and gratifying experience and also an overwhelming proposition given the nature and complexity of the undertaking itself. Right from the initial stages where you begin a remodeling plan, to the first time you set foot into a showroom to select your cabinets or countertop all the way up until the time everything is installed, decisions must be made that require proper reflection for any number of reasons. 

Here are some considerations to keep in mind as you go through the process of kitchen remodeling or bathroom remodeling:

Evaluate your space

Take a look at the space you are renovating and consider why you are undertaking this project. Is the purpose to improve the look of the area or to create more useful space? Are you looking to create storage so that you can organize better or are you looking to add to the value of your home?

Identifying your true objectives will enable you to make the correct decisions. Remodeling contractors are a valuable resource and you should consult with them too before beginning any home remodeling project.

Take “before” photographs of the room you are redesigning since taking them with you at the time you are selecting the cabinets or countertops, etc. you wish to install will go a very long way. They are also a fun way to look back on the project once it is completed and to compare them to the “after” photos you are sure to take and show friends and family.

Make a Checklist

Making a checklist for the remodeling you plan to do is a fantastic method to employ so as to ensure you have thought everything through comprehensively. Identifying the priorities for the remodeling project before visiting a show room is instrumental in a successful remodeling project. You should know the type of design you prefer and the different storage solutions your home needs so that you may have a productive meeting with the designer in person when you are at the showroom.

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Create a file for your ideas

Start assembling your ideas into a file so that you can rely upon them for inspiration when you are planning the remodeling project. Take these files with you to the showroom so that they can jog your memory about the different thoughts you have had along the way. Assemble the design elements that you take out of magazines which catch your eye into a binder and add any images that inspire you. Take note of the details that you like in the bathrooms and kitchens in your files so that you may reference them when you meet with the designer.

Beware of your budget

This is one of the most important elements to consider. It is just as important as your vision of how the space will appear when it is completed. Typically, cabinets in a bathroom or kitchen remodeling project account for about 40% of the budget. Labor comes in at about 25% of the budget and countertops cost about 12% of the budget. Some of the other items that will affect the bottom line that you should pay very close attention to are lighting and electrical work, wall coverings and appliances.

Set foot in a showroom

After you have taken into consideration all of the different cabinet options that are available, then it is time to visit the showroom to look at the cabinets on display and meet with the designer. Find a showroom that is local so that you do not have to travel far but also consider going outside of your local area to get different perspectives on the design.

Consider different wall colors, flooring options and fabrics when you are with the designer. Remember that the design Should flow and mesh to create a harmonious environment not only for you but, ultimately, for your guests

At the end of the day, make sure to keep your eye on the prize and to have fun with your remodeling project. Consider it a journey from the old to the new, from the past through the present and into the future. Your home is your sanctuary and you should treat it as such; make sure you are well-prepared and organized and always keep an eye on your budget. Be strong-minded when meeting with designers and contractors and do not let them “up sell” or sway you from your beliefs and convictions.

Ultimately, it is you who will benefit from the fruits of your labor so make wise choices with both your time and your money. Home improvements pay off ten-fold down the road, so roll up your sleeves and get to work!